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Why pay 2WAY when Travel 1WAY
With 1WAYCAB - PAY for 1WAY only

1WAYCAB is an online platform to search, compare and book outstation 1WAY intercity cabs. Through our scale and network, we are able to provide 1WAY cab 35% lower than other vendor/s who charges for roundtrip even for a drop. There is no single 1WAY intercity cab solution provider PAN India.

1WAYCAB intend to organize the 1WAY intercity cab market PAN India under our platform to provide transparent services to all with a single brand name “1WAYCAB”.

1WAYCAB concept came into existence for travelers who travel daily to and fro intercity for work / social function, holiday, etc.

Normally the vendor/s charges for the roundtrip even if the customer needs a drop from 1 city to another city and as the vendor wouldn't get any return fare and would have to do a dry run throughout the return journey, what a waste of money, fuel?

It didn't make sense, why should a traveler wanting just a drop to another city be charged for the return journey? There are hundreds & thousands people daily travelling from 1 city to another city, PAN India.

Why can’t there be a platform of 1WAYCAB “point-to-point intercity drop” set-up for such travelers with 1WAY intercity cabs and this would save lot of money for the travelers and get additional earning to the vendor?

At 1WAYCAB platform, there is a tamper proof rating system. The customers who once complete their journey with 1WAYCAB are requested to rate their journey experience about the chauffeur, cab and quality. This rating system and upfront pricing creates the much needed transparency. Our rating system also forces cab vendors to improve their service standards to get better feedback. If the vendors get better feedback they are given preference and hence more bookings. This makes 1WAYCAB vendors accountable, and improves their service standard.